Cleaning up Pagebuilder Shortcodes with Regex

We’ve all been there. Client comes to you and needs to move their site from a pagebuilder that uses shortcodes. You export the pages and posts and boom! Ugly shortcodes hogging up all the space.

You can go through and manually clean up the code from each post or page, but if you have a large site, that can take forever. 

I found the original expression on, but it ended up removing all of the shortcodes, which didn’t work for me because I used the native WordPress Export Tool to get the content from the original site. So I simply added a fusion_ to the beginning of the expression and voila!

I also ended up using Atom, which is a great free editor. Just make sure you choose the Regex option after you open the find tool.

To find the opening bracket:


To find the closing bracket:


This can be adapted for WP Bakery or any other pagebuilder that’s giving you an issue.

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