Dealing with Artwork Metadata

When cataloguing art objects, or any large collection, archivists will use something called metadata to correctly classify and categorize objects. If you’ve been following along with our tutorial, Maintaining Online Collections, you’ll have some familiarity with artwork metadata. This information generally consists of information about the object like artist name, date, medium and dimensions.

Metadata highlighed in yellow

Ok, so now that you get what metadata is, let’s talk about how properly using object metadata makes cataloging and searching for objects in your collection easier.

If you take a look at the spreadsheet layout that the Tate posted, you can see the type of information and the way it’s set up and edited.

Take a look at the information in the spreadsheet- it contains information you likely have on hand. This is a fairly standard and straightforward way to create and edit information about your collection’s objects. 

Now that you’ve seen how to set it up, you can use this information to create a collection site.

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