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The Chrysler Museum

I’ve written about The Chrysler Museum of Art website briefly before, but I wanted to take a few minutes to highlight why it’s successful and point out elements that can be used to improve your site’s functionality and usability.

When I first visited the site, I was a bit overwhelmed by the information being presented to me all at once. However, after a minute of viewing the page, I was impressed with how much information the design team had included in such a small area. Most importantly, simple information that you need to plan a visit can be found right here, making surfing for simple information unnecessary.


The menu is also fantastic, easily accessible and leads to where you need to go. My only suggestion would be to make sure that the sub-items are clearly links, perhaps with underlines.


Another incredibly important feature for any museum website that the Chrysler handles incredibly well is the collection search. While the museum does not have a massive collection, the quality is incredible and being able to easily find pieces for research or plain curiosity is important. They also do an excellent job of listing relevant information and recommending similar works that may be of interest.

Presenting works in a clear and concise way should be the main goal of any museum or collection website and the Chrysler does it exceptionally well. 

Exhibitions are also handled well, with just enough information being given without ruining the experience for potential visitors. The layout is also excellent for desktop or mobile and give pertinent information about the location and dates of the exhibit.


Overall, the site is fantastic and worth a visit if you plan on visiting the museum or not.

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