Ecommerce: WordPress vs. Shopify

I recently had a client come to me with a seemingly simple question. Which is better for my small store: WordPress or Shopify?

First, let me give you a little background. The client had started a businessd designing and producing high end bags for Moms. The bags are incredibly well made and she only had plans for producing one line, a total of four bags. She would possibly increase the number, but she estimated that to keep the quality high the very most they would produce would be 10.

When you have a store with only 10 products, choosing a dedicated ecommerce solution seems like overkill. She also wanted the ability to create a blog and keep the design of the site less ecommerce and more lifestyle. This led me to recommend WordPress. Using the Woocommerce plugin allows WordPress to become an online store, but easier to use than a platform like Shopify, which can be fairly clunky design-wise. Also, the ability to process cards on site makes it more like a real online shop instead of a blog with ecommerce capbility. WordPress is also fabulous with bilingual shops- an area where Shopify has been lagging.

Of course, once the number of products gets to a certain level, Woocommerce is not the best option and you will need to go with Shopify. The good news is that there are themes that will accommodate bilingual stores and on site processing in Hong Kong is now a reality thanks to Braintree. Also, for inventory management and adding products, Shopify is incredibly adept and can be miles easier than Woocommerce.

So, before making the decision of WordPress vs. Shopify, I would take several factors into account:
1. How many products will you be selling?
2. Will the profit from the products you sell cover the cost of the monthly fees associated with Shopify?
3. Can you manage the additional work from using Woocommerce?

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