How To Deal With Your Developer

You’ve found an agency or freelancer to create your new website and you’re ready to get started. What should you do to make sure that you end up with the site you want?

Have a Plan

You might not know exactly what you’re looking for when you first start planning your new site but you may have seen websites that you can reference. Maybe you like the colors a site uses or how the login works on another. Using existing websites as a reference can be a huge help when trying to pull together the initial flows and wireframes.

Be Specific With Changes

Your team has started work on layouts and mockups and is ready with the initial designs. They look good but not exactly what you wanted. If you’re not happy with what you see, make sure to say something. The design stage is the point when changes can be easily made. Make sure you say exactly what’s bothering you and if you’re not sure, show the designer the examples you found. Remember, a picture can be worth a thousand words.

Additional Work Will Cost More

Remember the contract that you both signed at the beginning of the project? The one that outlined what was expected on both sides. The dev team will be expected to follow it, but so will you. Maybe you want extra functionality or copywriting- things that may not have been in the initial quote. It’s up to the agency, but more time means higher costs so make sure you get an exact amount before they start working on the additions and don’t be upset if it’s more than you budgeted. You can’t expect people to work for free.

Be Responsive

Websites can be completed fairly quickly but sometimes there can be a lag in communications. Make sure to follow up on any questions within a day or two. On the other side, if the agency isn’t answering your questions, make sure to chase them for an answer.

Agree On An After Care Package

Your website will break- there’s no getting around it. Whether it’s a WordPress site or standard HTML, something will go wrong and you’ll need someone to fix it. Many agencies (like Stafford Creative) offer a 30 day follow up package and will fix any issues that may arise in that time, but after that, you might be on your own. Make sure you find out how much repairs will cost and if the agency has a minimum on work.

Asking the right questions and being responsive can make a huge difference when getting the website you want. Make sure to stay communicative and if you’re not sure about something- just ask. Remember, there are no stupid questions!

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