Dealing with Artwork Metadata

When cataloguing art objects, or any large collection, archivists will use something called metadata to correctly classify and categorize objects. If you’ve been following along

Maintaining Online Collections p.4

Welcome back! If you’re here, you’ve been with us through Setting Up a Custom Post Type Plugin, Talking About User Experience and Laying Out Your

Maintaining Online Collections p.3

Welcome back! I’ll assume you’ve already completed Part 1 & Part 2 or you’re at a point that you can get started with laying out your

Sites We Love: The Chrysler Museum

I’ve written about The Chrysler Museum of Art website briefly before, but I wanted to take a few minutes to highlight why it’s successful and point out elements that can be used to improve your site’s functionality and usability.

Maintaining Online Collections p.2

Tools: None If you’re here, I’ll assume you’ve either completed the custom post type plugin in Maintaining Online Art Collections Part 1, or have a

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